Embedding Twitter Widgets In Your Website

With social media cornering a massive slice of the online market, it would be unwise not to take advantage of the platforms like Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram by featuring them on your website. This goes regardless if you run a big website or an online business like, for example, https://utanspelpaus.se, where you find great information about online casinos or have a small website like a personal blog. Embedding Twitter widgets, for example, is an invaluable choice these days, not only because it can increase the visibility of your website. It’s also because it allows you to get valuable information from your readership.

So, how are you going to embed Twitter widgets on your website? Well, first of all, you’ll want to pay special attention to the Twitter timeline as it’s a convenient way to keep multiple Tweets in one field. This will allow you to get the best out of the widget, especially if you’re interacting with your followers a lot.

Types Of Twitter Widgets

There are four types of Twitter widgets that you can embed in your website and these are:

  • User Timeline
  • Favorites
  • List
  • Search

User Timeline is what you want if you just want the basic set of Tweets from users on Twitter. Favorites is how you see the Tweets that a particular user marked as Favorites. List is the Tweets that are on public lists that you yourself own or are subscribed to. Finally, Search is how you can customize which search results you get in real time, which is great for special events like concerts and such.

How To Embed

You can embed Twitter in your website by signing in to your Twitter account, going to settings, selecting Widgets and then clicking New. Once that’s done, you can choose which Widget type you will choose and do the following depending on the type you’ve chosen:

  • User Timeline – enter the name of the Twitter user whose Tweets you want to display
  • Favorites – same as above, just enter the name of the user whose Favorites you to display
  • List – this is where you choose the public list that you yourself own or are subscribed to
  • Search – just enter your search query here (you might want to turn on Safe Mode to avoid seeing or showing inappropriate results)

Once that’s done, you can now customize how the Widget will look such as the height, theme and so on. Click Create widget and then copy/paste to your website’s HTML. Now, you’re finished.

Why Should You Care About Twitter Widgets?

Even though its influence is declining, Twitter is still one of the most popular social media platforms in the web and it also has one of the most active communities. When it comes to marketing your website and content, Twitter is simply one of the most powerful tools that you can use. If you want to actually do this, you need to consider using Twitter Widgets.

Why Use Twitter?

As one of the biggest social media services with millions of users, Twitter is a great place to setup an account for your website. What really makes it a great platform, however, is the microblogging aspect. It cuts through the clutter and forces you to get to the point. This makes for some really great marketing opportunities and when you do it right, the response can be incredible.

What Are Twitter Widgets?

Twitter Widgets are basically tools that Twitter provides web managers in order to customize the types of content that they will be placing in their sites. There are three general Widgets that web managers have access to: Single Tweets, Timelines, Tweet Button.

With the Single Tweets option, you are obviously getting the ability to post a particular Tweet on your site and that’s it. Using HTML or JavaScript, embedding a Tweet into your website is incredibly easy. It also helps to narrow down the focus of your visitors, which is always a great way to save everyone a lot of hassle.

Timelines are for when you need to put multiple Tweets in one place for your readers to find. It’s great for providing context in particular conversations or just helping your visitors connect the dots that single Tweets might not be able to provide.

Finally, the Tweet button is just that, a button that will help users send out a Tweet. It can be used to share the content, link, and then add their own caption.

Why Embed Twitter Widgets?

Well, the most obvious reason for embedding a Twitter Widget or Widgets is expanding your influence. Using the tools will generate more noise that will then help boost the visibility of your website. This is perfect if you run a blog, online service or a business online. After they embeded their Twitter feed they experienced a great boost when it comes to followers on Twitter but also people that visit their site. If that is something that you are interested in, this is simply something that you will need to do.

If you’re not into any of that stuff, then how about doing it just to make things easier for your users? It’s a fair bet that some of them are on Twitter and might want to use the feature to share your content with others.

Embed facebook videos to your own blog to allow your readers to stay on your site without directing them to facebook to be able to watch your video. Embedding facebook videos is done by simple steps. Just copy the embed code provided by facebook and pasting it at the appropriate section of your site.You can promote your facebook page and take advantage of live streaming when you embed facebook video on your website. Embedding can also promote your own video channel and gain more connection.

Embed youtube easily on your site to make it more entertaining and inspiring. Simply copy the video’s URL from your web browser’s address bar while watching the video. And paste it on the appropriate section to your blog. You can also specify the width, height or any dimensions by simply editing the shortcode. You can also preview the video before posting it on your blog.

5 Simple Steps to Increase Traffic to Your Etsy Store Using Twitter

Twitter has close to 320 million monthly active users. This makes this social media platform an ideal place to reach your target audience. For you to drive more traffic to your Etsy shop or any business website using Twitter, here are some tips

  • Make your tweets short. Studies have shown tweets with slightly more than 100 characters get 21% more interaction on Twitter. Be creative and make every word count as you compose your short tweet to catch your followers’ interest.
  • Include stats and quotes in your tweets. People like reading facts, so including them in your tweet will grab your followers’ attention. Here is an example of how to tweet statistics, 82% of all “skilled” foreign work visas went to people from India or China in 2016.
  • Tweet at the right time. When are your Twitter followers actively on the platform? You should know this information as the times they are online is when you should tweet. Tweeting at the right time will ensure you get the maximum traffic from Twitter.
  • Use #Hashtags. If you come up with a hashtag that trends on Twitter, you’ll be able to connect with users beyond your followers.

You can use our Embed Twitter Widget to embed Twitter on your website. This will help increase your interactions with your followers on the platform.